Episode 4: Lori Burrows and Gerry Wright

Our fourth episode of the AMR Action Podcast features Dr. Lori Burrows, Associate Director of the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research (IIDR), McMaster University and Dr. Gerry Wright, Director of the IIDR, McMaster University. CAIC Senior Advisor Dani Peters speaks with Dr. Burrows and Dr. Wright about the McMaster Antibiotic Access & Capacity (MAAC) Project, a collaboration between CAIC and McMaster University. Steered by a committee whose members represent the many facets of the antibiotic space in Canada — industry, academia, economics, microbiology, policy, knowledge translation, and medicine — the MAAC Project was established to improve the health of Canadians by increasing prescribing options and optimizing the use of appropriate antibiotics via an integrated model that follows the principles of accessibility, stewardship, and reasonable costs. Tune into the episode to learn more and access the full report: https://iidr.mcmaster.ca/MAAC/